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About Us

Non-governmental Organization

The Positive Peace Group (PPG) is a membership-based non-governmental, non-partisan, non-profit making Organization for the prevention of violence and promotion of peace, protection gender, human and minority rights, fighting corruption, environmental protection and health development especially among Cameroonian and African youths, women and children through capacity building, advocacy, and research. 

Aims & Objectives

The Positive Peace Group is an association with the main objective of promoting sustainable peace and development within and between people and between people and the entire ecosystem. This is achieved through the following:

  1. Promotion of peace, human rights and environmental education and research through seminars, short and long training programs, conferences, workshops, cultural manifestations, theatre, and other tools;
  2. Promotion of human rights especially women, children and minority rights;
  3. Dissemination of early warning signals as a means of conflict prevention;
  4. Promotion of mediation as a means of conflict prevention and management;
  5. Promotion of democracy and good governance;
  6. Promotion of peace awards and distinctions.
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