Activities at Positive Peace Group

Our activities range from educational and skill acquisition to advocacy for peace.


PPG conducts training workshops for youths, children, women and men from Cameroon, Africa and the World. We conduct trainings on a range of topics including violence prevention, conflict analysis and mediation, peacebuilding, human rights, child protection, etc. Positive Peace Group organizes training programs tailored to meet specific needs in context of individuals, organizations and communities. Specific courses are organized to enhance the institutional and operational capacities of CSOs in Cameroon as well as West and Central Africa in each of the operational areas of CSOs’ work.

Advocacy and Awareness Campaigns

We organize awareness and advocacy campaigns in order to enlighten people on various issues linked to peace and development as well as to stimulate policy and legal reform as well as attitudinal change. We do this through the commitment of our staff, partners and volunteers.